There are rules and such concepts that have no place in the minds of engineers. If you say NO, think of the possibilities makes the word disappear without a trace. And how much unrealized scientific ideas have become as a result is lost forever.


- Design works in any direction and complexity
- Engineering surveys and inspections of buildings and structures
- Construction work on the job
- Project management and engineering
- Development
- Razorback software for CAD


   Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing areas of scientific and practical knowledge in various technical areas. Top creative genius, heavy men's work having godlike beginning. There come to mind the famous line ...And God made the heaven and the earth... Because we again and again recreate what had been created before us, improve and open new horizon of this heaven and this earth. Approved by all of beauty that only capable people and know that he is capable of much, if we ask for the purpose. 
   And our goal is to improve this world around us, creating an unsurpassed technical system allowing to make our lives a lot easier.

    Design matter


   A set of technical solutions embodied in a system of interrelated com-ponents designed to put at the service of the public interest modern achievements and discoveries. For the purpose of reproduction, arrangement, device, systematization of different processes in different areas.
   A set of specific technical documents and drawings able to convey the ideas of engineers into the hands of producers of works on construction and workshop venues to obtain buildings, structures, production machineries, various types of equipment that will raise humanity another step of its development.



    Majestic and beautiful, office and residential, commercial and industrial buildings and structures. Get us as a result of construction industry. When all engineers have developed on personal computers with hard work of builders to become available to see in real life. Bridges, Railways and roads, construction, military, manufacturing plants, which provide us industrial goods and food, sports facilities, tourist resorts, artfully arranged water bodies, transformed into the beautiful waters of the coast, all of this is created by the hands of strong guys in construction clothes. At any time of the year, in rain and snow, under the heat of the scorching sun, they embody our dream.And they all can.

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