Team - it sounds like a lot and thoroughly.A team of experts certified in the Ministry of architecture and construction of Belarus, sounds almost magically.All the experts are vetted able to successfully perform the tasks assigned by the customers also because they are all mix - specialists. Skilled in the design of individual segments, and several directions. Some alone capable of executing the project of a whole object, such as a boiler room.



  Attestati of conformity - today this license document, razreshimi to carry out the activities in the field of construction.

  We already have the certificates on the exercise of the functions of the General designer, the development of design documentation sections all, except for district cooling, as well as execution of works on the development of pre-project (pre-investment) documen-tation. In the near future be prepared to receive certificates for geological and geodetic surveys, surveys of buildings and structures, grounds surveys soils.


    Good to excellent customer feedback and is an indicator of the quality of work performed. During our activity we have done everything possible to make customers satisfied with our collaboration. We are serious about our work, believe that decent work and fair assessment of its customer base for strong partnerships. Maybe we are not the best, but we're certainly not the worst and will continue to value it.

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